Launch of the E&S 2021 Digital Summer School Archive

We are excited to announce the launch of the Economy & Society Summer School Digital archive! Usually the summer school is a weeklong event that takes place in Blackwater Castle in Cork, Ireland. However due to COVID-19, we made the decision this year to host the event entirely online. For this reason we also decided to extend the length of the school. While in a conference setting it is possible to pack many talks into a single day, we felt that people were suffering from Zoom exhaustion. The school lasted from February to May and featured many exciting speakers.

The link to the archive is here.

The table you use to navigate the archive is available below.

The Economy and Society Digital Summer School 2021

Date Time (GMT) Event / Topic Speakers Recording Link
Main Archive Page Full Playlist
February 23rd 16:00 Ideas Lying Around Nidesh Lawtoo & Lynne Layton Link
March 4th 16:00 The Great Reversal Elizabeth Anderson Link
March 9th 10:00 Economy Theology and Marketisation Stefan Schwarzkopf Link
March 11th 10:00 Economic Theology and Governance Mitchell Dean Link
March 16th 16:00 Jobseeking & the Labour Market Ilana Gershon Link
March 23rd 10:00 The Reformation of Welfare Ray Griffin & Tom Boland Link
March 25th 10:00 Justifying Welfare Magnus P. Hansen., Fiona Dukelow, Michael Mcgann Link
April 13th 10:00 Precarity and Precarious Work Theresa O’Keefe, Aline Courtois & Teresa Crew Link
April 15th 16:00 The Datafication of Welfare Lina Dencik & Ray Griffin & Hecat Link
April 20th 16:00 Street-Level Welfare Evelyn Brodkin, Mary Murphy, Joe Whelan Link
April 22nd 10:00 Fairground Capitalism Arpad Szakolczai Link
April 27th 10:00 Work & The Gig Economy Alex Wood Link
April 29th 10:00 Rationalities and Moral Economies in Illicit Drug Markets Angus Bancroft Link
May 6th 10:00 Good Models and Positive Mimesis Kieran Keohane Link
May 10th/11th 20:00/10:00 The Leviathan of Rationality Damian O’Doherty Link

We would like to thank WIT, UCC, the SAI Work, Markets and Welfare Study Group and the European Union for contributing to, or funding this event.

KOM | Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) in Ireland
SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF IRELAND - Sociological Association of Ireland
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